A master can act without doing anything, teach without a word. 

- Shang Pin (R) Fortune Cookie, MN


시인 유하의프로레슬링은 쑈다! <무림일기 (1989)>

“… 로프반동 / 튕겨져 나오는 걸 박치기! 당수! / 김일 천규덕의 …”



Fraternization between an officer and an enlisted member is considered

harmful to "good order and discipline" under the UCMJ.  (140929 S&S P4)


What's in a name - Is TSD suffering an identity crisis?



"[Sports Martial Arts] WS is a demonstrational form of

[Traditional Martial Arts] KF," he says. "It has zero practicality

for fighting. It's just good for building up the body. [SooBahk]   

VT doesn't have any pretty poses; it's all about practicality. ..." 


Money Moves in Saholin, China Daily USA 140825 P13


"정치와 이념의 틈바구니 속 무협사병(私兵)의 기존 체제 도전"

[Movie P/review]  W?ng Ji?w?i's The Grandmasters (一代宗師)

by 임대근, CHINDIA Plus #87 (1312) PP. 36-37 PDF



"From Bagua To Back Flips" (PP 70-72, Groove 1312 'Click to Read')



"To be a martial artist means also to be an artist of a life." - Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee [Documentary] - 1 (45:07) & 2 (45:07)